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Christmas Pageant Concussion

I’ve had another percussion injury while rehearsing for the Winter Wonder performances at Scottsdale Bible Church. The first one involved a screw pressing into my knee cap and wasn’t nearly as funny as what happened the other night.In an epic move that is only rivaled by stepping on a rake, I managed to hit myself in the head with a flying mallet.

As I approached the percussion table, a pair of heavy mallets hung an inch over the edge. I bent down to put my purse below the table, chopped the mallet and it spiraled up, hitting me in the head above my left eye brow. A little to the center and it would have broke my nose, a little lower and I lose an eye. Yes, I “see” how lucky I am to just have a bump on my head and a self-diagnosed slight concussion. Well, I probably don’t have the concussion, but I had to walk away with some dramatic name for what happened.

Stars swirled and sugar plums danced in my head. My partner is a Cardiologist and first hand witness, he thought maybe I needed to sit down. Even with all his medical experience, I’m pretty sure he’d never seen anything like that and he’ll be lucky if he ever does again.

I’ve since visited some percussion injury forums, and oh yes my friends, they are real. I was just seeking support, a little understanding from my fellow band mates. I’ve discovered that in sports, a common injury is mallet finger. Again, how blessed am I to only have mallet head? Sadly, there is no forum for mallet head injuries. Maybe I should start one. Surely I’m not the only one this has ever happened to?

Percussionists of the world, I beg you! Share your stories of misfortunate mallet malady. You don’t have to be alone any longer.

And for the rest of you, be sure and come on out for the greatest Christmas pageant ever. Winter Wonder is Friday night December 9 at 7:00, Saturday at 3:00 and 7:00 and Sunday at 2:00. No tickets necessary but do arrive early for great seats.

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