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Pure Pleasure

Pure Pleasure

Have you ever been asked these questions?

  • How can you justify a $4.00 coffee when people in Africa are starving?
  • Should you really buy that nice of a car when you could give the money to the poor?
  • Do think you should go to the movies, concert or the game; isn't your time better spent volunteering somewhere?
  • Do you need the latest computer when you're lucky to have one at all?
  • I didn't know you drink, aren't you a Christian?

Maybe others haven't asked questions like these, but maybe you ask yourself and live with guilt every time you experience something pleasurable.

If so, Pure Pleasure by Gary Thomas is the book for you. Gary guides the reader through God's design for grace based living, which very much does include pleasure. God wants his children to live happily and to enjoy good things.

If we never experience guilt free pleasure, how can we give it away? If we cannot bring pleasure to others, we aren't living with abandon.

I want to bring pleasure to one lucky reader. Leave a comment on the biggest "guilt" question you think about or are asked the most.If I choose your name at random, I'll send you my copy of Pure Pleasure at the beginning of next week.

Click my Amazon box at the bottom of the page to order your copy today.

Special thank you to Zondervan for providing me a copy to review.



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