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Remember Me Forgets Audience

Pierce Brosnan
Billed as a romantic drama, my mom and I headed to Remember Me while the guys went to Percy Jackson. With our secret bottles of water, a small popcorn and M&M's, we sat back and prepared to be wowed. 

After finishing the whole bag, we still waited for the movie to pick up and get going.

And we waited. It never got going. 

Robert Pattinson wanted to prove that he was more than a teenage vampire and took a meatier role in Remember Me. In the words of Simon Cowell, I found it very "indulgent." Remember Me is boring, easy to forget and billing it as a romantic drama is a stretch. I honestly failed to see the romance.

Upon retrospection however, I do realize there is a strong theme which is very relevant to today's generation. The movie focuses on fathers who make bad decisions and value the wrong things over family. Great emphasis is placed on being a good dad even when times are tough. 

I love how both of the fathers in the movie don't allow tragedy or the culture to define them. Remember Me does offer a redeeming look at current fathers, but the movie as a whole is largely forgettable. 


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