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Storm Storm

I was named after Linda Evans who played a character named Audra on the TV show Big Valley. I've always liked my name and growing up I didn't personally know any other Audra's. Mrs. Roper on Three's Company was named Audra Lindley in real life. Audra McDonald the singer was another person I was aware of. Every Audra seemed like a celebrity. Lately, due to Facebook, I have met many, many Audra's. Seth Godin published a post today and at the bottom reminds us we can look up the meaning of any word by putting define and then the word in the search box.

So….I searched for the meaning of Audra and this is how Urban Dictionary defined my name:

1) from lithuanian; translates into English as "storm" – as in gale, hurricane or tempest ie. a violent windstorm, esp. one with rain, hail or snow. 

2) a woman capable of calming or creating fury with her presence; she leaves with as little warning as she arrives. known for being mysterious 

Very interesting….but here's the crazy thing….my middle name is Gail. 

Today I found out that I'm a bit redundant. . . I'll work on that.

When I become a celebrity as all Audra's seem destined too, you can just call me Storm Storm for short.

Time to define your name, what does it mean?

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