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Writing Conference Prep

Well I'm inside 48 hours until departure for the Writing for the Soul conference in Denver. I cannot wait. As a third year vet, I'm going in with a whole new attitude. First, I won't be so nervous since I've attended before. I'm also more prepared than ever; I've got a book proposal in hand. I'm so excited to hear what publishers are looking for, what's hot right now and hopefully get some creative feedback on how I can improve my craft. 

Also they've moved the conference to Denver, so no high altitude headaches that I battle in Colorado Springs.

As you attend writer's conferences, here are a few of my top tips:

  • No matter what stage you're at in your writing, bring something to show. I once brought a humor piece on woodpeckers. Ridiculous. Weirdly, that one has never been purchased. Yet it shows that I can write humor, which has led to other writing jobs.
  • Writing is a business so dress like it. Leave your coffee stained turtlenecks on the floor of your closet at home.
  • On the same note, if you wear glasses and/or contacts, choose the contacts. Smudged lens and stretched out frames do not a writer make.
  • Further, leave your rabbit foot, good vibe rituals, lucky "I heart Anne Lamott" t-Shirt and mood rings at home. Let your writing do all the talking.
  • Most of all, have fun. You've invested the money, now put in the time enjoying your people.

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