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Easter Gift for Kids

One sure way to find out who you are and what your purpose is, is to read the Bible. I highly recommend these two new Bibles for  boys and girls ages 8-12.

FaithGirlz is perfect for showing our girls how unique and special they are. The Bible includes quizzes on getting to know yourself, imagination exercises and answers to Bible questions. When a girl receives this Bible, she won’t just be reading, but will journey closer to God.

I so wish this version of the NIV Boys Bible had been out when my three teen boys were younger. It’s full of funny facts, inspiring people and gross and gory stuff. This helpful Bible will pull every boy in and they will be off on the adventure of a lifetime, as they journey closer to God.

What a great idea for Easter! You can get yours here.

Thank you to B & B Media for providing me with review copies of both Bibles. Nothing was given in exchange for the books and I am not required to write a positive review.

Zondervan Faithgirlz Bible


Coffee Shop Conversations

Thank you to Zondervan for providing me with a copy of this book.

I found Coffee Shop Conversations to be helpful in showing me how to have meaningful conversations with others who do not share my faith. There is a gentleness,a respect and love in their instruction for being in relationship with others.

Early on in the book, the Finchers remind us that "walling people into categories prevents us from loving them." This is true. We cannot love people if we've made negative judgements and especially when we do it within the first seven seconds of meeting them.

Authors Dale and Jonalyn Fincher are doing great work in the area of developing tolerance toward all.

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Pure Pleasure

Pure Pleasure

Have you ever been asked these questions?

  • How can you justify a $4.00 coffee when people in Africa are starving?
  • Should you really buy that nice of a car when you could give the money to the poor?
  • Do think you should go to the movies, concert or the game; isn't your time better spent volunteering somewhere?
  • Do you need the latest computer when you're lucky to have one at all?
  • I didn't know you drink, aren't you a Christian?

Maybe others haven't asked questions like these, but maybe you ask yourself and live with guilt every time you experience something pleasurable.

If so, Pure Pleasure by Gary Thomas is the book for you. Gary guides the reader through God's design for grace based living, which very much does include pleasure. God wants his children to live happily and to enjoy good things.

If we never experience guilt free pleasure, how can we give it away? If we cannot bring pleasure to others, we aren't living with abandon.

I want to bring pleasure to one lucky reader. Leave a comment on the biggest "guilt" question you think about or are asked the most.If I choose your name at random, I'll send you my copy of Pure Pleasure at the beginning of next week.

Click my Amazon box at the bottom of the page to order your copy today.

Special thank you to Zondervan for providing me a copy to review.


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