Audra Krell

On Purpose


Sports loving nerdy nursing student, freelance writer and musician who lives in Phoenix, Arizona with my amazing husband and our sold-out-for-Christ teen son (He’s single ladies, inquire within!). I’m mom to two adult sons and even became a MIL to a precious angel this past summer. I’m a CNA and an unregistered nurse (URN) in several states as well as the Yucatan. Working toward sitting for the AZ nursing boards and becoming registered. When I’m not here, you’ll find me cheering at our son’s basketball games, yelling at the Denver Broncos or with my hands held high while our 3 boys lead worship on any given Sunday.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I came across your blog and noticed your last name-Krell. There aren’t that many Krells. That was my maiden name. Do you know of any relatives in Pennsylvania? My dad’s name is Jack Krell (brother, Ken; sister, Marcella). My paternal grandfather was Harry Krell. Could there be a link somewhere?

    • HI Joy, Thank you for writing. I married into the wonderful Krell name and I do not know of any relatives in Pennsylvania. My husbands family mostly lives in Nebraska, Colorado and Texas. Blessings!

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