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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Wise Hearted on said:

    Audra, don’t know why you are moving but I understand moving. My husband always says to plant our tent stakes shallow for we are sojourners here on this earth. Because we have moved so and lots of things that were a part of our lives are now gone but my memories are still intact. I have had to guard my heart with each move, guard it from not being bitter that we were moving again. The women in me, the nested would still love to have my own place but I don’t think God has that for us. So I have learned to built a little nest where ever we are, in what ever circumstances, good or bad. Life must be invested in deep relationship with family and others not with things. I will have your back in prayer my sister as you head into the next adventure.

    • Love what you wrote about nesting where we are. So important! We are downsizing, as our middle boy leaves for college in the fall. Thank you for your prayers, a true blessing indeed.

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