Audra Krell

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Nautical Boys

 On the last formal night on the ship, we were all hanging out in our stateroom after dinner.

 I told my husband that I liked my dress because it was kind of nautical.

"Wow Mom, hello, we're sitting right here," one of the boys said.

"Yeah, that's gross mom."

"I can't believe you just said that in front of us," our youngest said.

Turns out the boys needed a lesson on the meaning of nautical. 

They were relieved to learn it didn't mean naughty.

There were a few cruise scars, I may never be the same.


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5 thoughts on “Nautical Boys

  1. Too funny! 😀 Great pic of you guys too.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Jonathan!

  3. Okay – WAY funny Audra!!!
    You NAUTICAL girl, you!!!!

  4. Hi Audra,
    Cruises are great fun aren’t they? I was on one about 10 years ago, I really need to plan another.
    I’m following you from the AOTP yahoo group.

  5. Thanks for stopping over Joy. I've been following your blog as well, from AOTP. Have a wonderful Sunday!
    Audra Krell

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