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American Idol Finale Tonight!

We haven’t had our TV with the "good" shows and channels on it, for 3 months.  Today we got our TV back after being repaired in Houston. The parts came from Japan, whom  have never heard of express shipping, because it took two months to allegedly receive the parts to fix it. Tonight, after a much anticipated, forever wait, I will finally find out who the next American Idol is.  You have no idea how hard it has been to not hear the outcome.  People would start to talk about it and I would throw my hands over my ears yelling "I haven’t seen it yet!  Don’t tell me who it is!"  Or in a sports bar, the effort it took to tear my eyes away from the TV whenever an American Idol was mentioned, was horrendous.  I have seen Kellie Pickler in the news a lot lately, maybe she won it.  Or was she from last year’s Idol?  I don’t even remember anymore who the contenders are.  This is a very exciting time!

When we had our TV I only watched an average of two hours per week.  Not having a TV though has allowed me more time to focus on the one true God.  The One who loves us more than anything, the One who will never leave us and the One who loves us just the way we are.   Jesus Christ is my only idol, American or otherwise.




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