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Luv in Hard Times

Actually there isn't a single time where a little Luv doesn't work for me. Love always works.  Even when Southwest Airlines shows me some luv with their birthday cards, it works for me. Do any of you get those personalized, thoughtful gems on your birthday?

So this week, I'm in love with CommentLuv. It is the coolest application. When someone leaves a comment on my blog, as they are typing, CommentLuv searches their feed for the lastest post and displays it with their name, in my comment box. Readers can then click straight over to that author's post. It's a great way to drive more traffic to your blog, and that always works for me.

It used to only work for WordPress blogs, but as of this week there is an application for my favorite host, Typepad, as well as several other hosts.  What I really appreciate is the easy to understand, step by step instruction video on how to install CommentLuv. 

So I ask you, who couldn't use a little love in these hard times? Share the luv by leaving me a comment and then head over to Rocks In My Dryer to share a little more!

Works for Me Wednesday


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17 thoughts on “Luv in Hard Times

  1. Sound like an interesting gadget
    Recent blog post: My exciting life

  2. I’ve seen this quite a bit on various blogs. I would love to have this as part of my comment section. I wonder if they have something like this for blogger?

  3. There is a lot of LUV going on right now lol. Thanks for sharing this. I’m pretty elementary when it comes to technical blog stuff lol.
    Recent blog post: Works For Me Wednesday- Book Review

  4. I have been taking notice of CommentLuv. What a great idea! I am going to see about putting it on my site. 😀

  5. I see it’s retrieving the last post but the links aren’t showing as links, you need to allow html in comments for it to show the links properly. below is only the title of the post.
    Recent blog post: Learn a Language by Osmosis

  6. Hey Audra! I’m a big fan of CommentLuv. It’s pretty cool that it’s now available for other platforms.
    Recent blog post: At One Hundred, Life Is…

  7. Thanks for the Luv everybody!
    Lance- You are the reason I discovered CommentLuv- thanks!
    Andy- Thank you for the tip on the HTML, I will look into it, I really appreciate it.
    @Heidi – They do have it for blogger!
    Recent blog post: Luv in Hard Times

  8. I like that idea. I’m going to check into it. Thanks for the tip and for visiting my site.

  9. I’ll definitely have to check that application out. Thanks for the tip.
    Recent blog post: No More

  10. It is very cool…along with another plugin called KeywordLuv (I like that one too!)
    Recent blog post: Gabfire NewsPro

  11. I love commentluv, I need to get my husband to install it for me on my blog! Thanks for the reminder!
    Recent blog post: Camping

  12. I love commentluv, I need to get my husband to install it for me on my blog! Thanks for the reminder!
    Recent blog post: Camping

  13. Audra, thanks for visiting my site and commenting. I have not read either books. I will look into them. I appreciate the info. Thanks so much.
    Recent blog post: Works for me Wednesday…..Building an affair proof marriage

  14. My friend’s blog (On WordPress) has been using comment luv for a long time & I love it. I’m just waiting for them to work it out with blogger. Might be a long wait.
    Recent blog post: Only 352 Days To Get These Done

  15. Oh, how great. I saw you over at Jungle of Life and clicked. I did not know they offered this for Typepad. Off I go. Thank you for sharing.
    Recent blog post: Good-bye Aunt Jemima

  16. I LUV this, too!
    Doing a bit of catching up. Been missing those emails talks with you.
    LIFE…you know what I mean?
    Recent blog post: The Day After…

  17. Audra,
    Thank you for visiting my site.
    I love the idea of CommentLuv, and hope it will soon be available to all.
    Recent blog post: Becoming an Atheist: Turning Points

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