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13,044 Words

Today I got a lot of writing business taken care of, but no actual writing done.

I attended my fabulous critique group and we poured over 8 or 9 manuscripts. It was glorious. We have such a variety of writer's in the group, there is something to be learned from everyone.

I also scheduled a radio interview for my current book project. I'm very excited to be on the air next Thursday morning.

You can listen live, the interview will stream.

Check back for the link to the interview. I'll post it at the beginning of the week.

I did end up just over 13,000 words this week. I've sold six articles and have been published nine times in the past nine months, since I began freelancing.

This week though, I felt like a real writer for the first time. Something about writing 3000 words in one day took me from paid hobby to professional writer.

I am blessed.


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4 thoughts on “13,044 Words

  1. “I am blessed” – I love that line Audra, because, in saying it, you are affirming it in your life! And that’s awesome!! Now, keep on writing – you are a writer after all! And, do share more info on the interview – how exciting!
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  2. Audra,
    I love reading the blog of a “real” writer! You inspire me, because I do treasure writing so. I can’t imagine being where you are in your life! I will keep reading so I can keep learning and gaining confidence. Blessings!
    Recent blog post: I Went on a Trip

  3. Can’t wait to listen to your interview, and read your book. Thanks for the comment on my hubby post.
    Recent blog post: The Daily Mercies: The Difference Between Mercy and Grace

  4. Audra:
    So glad I can finally stop by again. Our internet connection has been down at home 😦 Tech finally came out and fixed it today. I’m going to listen to your interview online tonight. I love that you are so posistive about what is going on with your writing. I think it is important to stay positive. Congrats on all those articles you’ve sold!

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