Audra Krell

On Purpose

If it’s Not Broken

Then it doesn’t work.  That is the theme around our house.  First it was the red vacuum, AKA the "good" vacuum, a day later it was the dryer and finally last Saturday the washing machine broke.  I can’t visibly see any problems with these appliances, can’t tell where they’re broke, but none of them work.  The vacuum, I can live without.  Seriously.  The dryer….yeah, I can drip dry everything. It makes for crunchy underclothes, but they’re clean. The washer however,  with three boys, school uniforms, 6 different sports uniforms,a PE uniform,and practice clothes every night, isn’t something that we can get by without.  This might surprise you, but in North Scottsdale there aren’t really any laundry mats.  I haven’t seen them but maybe they are hidden on special side streets.  There is always the dry cleaners, they do laundry.  I don’t think that’s gonna happen either.  We’ll save the $100. 

These are just inconviences anyway, not real problems. 

Now if Starbucks goes down, then we might have to talk.  : )

Praying you’ll remember the difference between problems and inconveniences,



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