Audra Krell

On Purpose

Two Turtle Doves

Things are getting really exciting around our house.  I was informed that Christmas Eve is only 15 hours away!

I learned a lot about the carol Twelve Days of Christmas, today.  Most people think it is about the 12 days leading up to Christmas, as did I, but it really refers to the 12 days after Christmas, the journey of the Magi.

Two turtle doves symbolize the Old and New Testament. 

Relationship thought # 2 Seek Satisfaction

"Why do you spend your money on what is not food and your wages on what does not satisfy?’  Isaiah 55:2 

It is amazing how many of us are never completely satisfied and how we keep trying to be by spending more and more money.  If we do find some satisfaction in consumables, it is only momentary before the empty feeling floods back in again.  Even after receiving salvation we find ourselves still dissatisfied with life and everything it doesn’t hold.

There is truly only one place to receive satisfaction and it is in relationship with Jesus Christ.  This is why receiving the gift of salvation isn’t completely fulfilling. Giving to God in a daily relationship is action and energy. It is here that we find deep satisfaction, which makes us capable of sharing our satisfied lives with others.  What a great gift!




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