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Happy Anniversary Airport Baggie

You know those quart sized bags they give out at the airport for your liquids and gels?  I got the coolest one, a year ago this month.  It is so great because it has a drawstring, instead of a seal that you have to press together.  It holds tons of lipstick and I can open it with one hand and see through the bag to choose just the right shade.  It has been my constant companion for the past year.

It looks pretty bad.  The string isn’t white anymore and you can’t see through the plastic really at all.  It would be more fitting for me to use a plastic Safeway bag for a purse, than to pull the mangy thing out of my nice purses.  Friends and family have offered to take up a collection to get me a real make-up bag to put my things in, but I don’t want any part of it.

I am reading the book "Release" by Troy Schmidt.  It’s all about why God wants me to let go.  It’s  funny and relevant to my life.  I realize it is time for me to let my baggie go.  Time to quit holding the bag.  I know God wants me to let it go so I can empty my hands to make room for His new blessings and to release my grip so I can grab onto the things that really matter.

What about you?  What are you holding onto so tightly that you’re holding yourself back? 

Praying you’ll answer that question and then release it, in every way.

Love, Audra


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2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Airport Baggie

  1. alex joy on said:

    I like that example. And thanks for your comments

  2. Thanks Alex! I’d love to hear what your very favorite memory is on my latest post! Blessings to you!!

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