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Watercooler Wednesday (No Air)

Wcwlogo_2 Hey everybody!  I’ve missed you guys around the watercooler the past few weeks.  Check out Randy Elrod’s Ethos Blog Here, for all kinds of cool chatter!

Well, the most special person in my life, knows who this post is dedicated to.  Yes honey, it’s you!

Apple_3 I only have one question for you?  How am I supposed to write with no Mac Book Air?

Now that I have the iPhone, I’m dreaming, dreaming, dreaming of the next toy. Guess I better get busy and sell a few articles! 

I love you Stephen, you know I’m just playin with you.  Okay, well maybe not so much.  An artist must have the best tools…. 


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3 thoughts on “Watercooler Wednesday (No Air)

  1. Hi Audra,
    I’m sitting here in Idaho, on my parents deck (my parents live in both ID and AZ, fyi), waiting for my family brood to wake up so we can go to Sun Valley for a leisurely bike ride, leading us to the outdoor ice rink, where we’ll skate.
    And I’m feeling easy, breasy, reading emails, popping around the blogosphere, just hanging with my computer a bit before the action starts up. And I’m doing this on my new MacBook Air, which I truly love, especially with travel.
    So good on ya sista!! But, I do have to say, as a tenured iPhone owner and a new MacBook Air owner: all this tech-y stuff is fun and all but nothing beats setting it all aside and kayaking in the canyon at sunset or hiking to high places and getting some God juju.
    But I guess we all know that, no? I just know it in real time!! 😉 Have fun with your new phone and I’ll cross my fingers that your computer crush is someday realized!!

  2. After a few months with my Air, I could agree with Chris Brown…How’m I supposed to breathe with no air? I ADORE my computer. Angela called it right, too…great for travel. And while the kayaking et al. are great, the Air is how you blog about it. And if there is no blog about it, did it really happen?
    I know it’s just stuff, of course. But as my friend Jenni Catron said, as an adult we don’t get to look forward to new toys too often. Enjoy the sensation of looking forward to Christmas morning!

  3. So, is the iphone all that you dreamed it would be? should I buy one this weekend? my ghetto phone is permanently lost in europe. i’ve got to get some legitimate income rolling in so I can add an Air to my already burgeoning Mac wish list. maybe i could get a real job. or join a multi-level marketing scheme.

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