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I Break Things

Tackle_it_tuesday Today I MUST tackle my computer.  Oh the woes I have with this thing!  It’s running on empty and about to blow, and I can’t lose all my writing.

So I have some kind of problem.  My computers only last 6 months, tops.  Trust me I don’t consider them a disposable item, I don’t know what I do wrong. 

I was running some scans and such on it when I read this message: "Read the tutorial to learn how to deal with scan results." 

I’m going to need a tutorial to learn how to deal with scan results?  I think I better skip straight to the 24 hour crisis line and even better, a support group to teach me how to deal with the results.

If anyone has open source ideas on how to make it run better, I’m all ears. Or tricks and tips that have worked for you, I’d love to give them a try.  For now, Erika Jo sang a song that has become my theme song, called "I Break Things."

"You say I’m nothin’ you can’t handle:
You’re tougher than an anvil: well, baby, we’ll see.
I’m like a wreckin’ ball comin’:
You’re better off runnin’ far away from me.
Don’t get me wrong, now, baby, I adore you:
It’s only right that I give you fair warning:

‘Cause I break things: anything I touch,
I just get around an’ then I’m bound to tear ’em up.
Yeah, I make things snap an’ fall apart……

Head over to to see what everyone else is tearing up this week!


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7 thoughts on “I Break Things

  1. Hang in there Audra…
    Computers can be great when they work, but a real bear when they don’t.

  2. You know what? It seems the more I try to defragment and all that stuff the more it seems to mess it up. I clean my cache every now and again and stuff like that but that’s about it. We’ve had this computer for over 4 years now and we use it A Lot! We invested in an exterior hard drive to back up all our information in case it ever crashed. It’s a $50.00 investment you would want to have. Especially because you write!
    Blessings to you. I hope you figure it all out!

  3. This is why I am so greatful for my Husband becasue he is good at fixing things. Between me and my kids, there is always something needing fixed!

  4. I agree! Defrag = bad. Very bad. Ugh! And Amen to the comment about husbands, it’s just that I break computers so bad that even he doesn’t know what to do! : )

  5. What the heck is defrag!! (kidding)

  6. Good luck with that tackle! Computer problems are the worst!!

  7. About every 3-6 months, I go through my computer and delete cookies, unused pictures, clean out my email, empty the recycle bin, clean out my bookmark favorites on the internet and this seems to help. I go through all my files and delete anything no longer used or something that may have downloaded without my knowledge (although I have virus software).
    We invested in an external hard drive also that has helped especially with my photography hobby. It seems that 8 mega pixel pictures take up a lot of space! I still have problems from time to time so I understand your frustration.

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