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Need U Now Eye in the Sky

Oh boy kids, what we've got here is what you might call a situation. An assistant to the group Alan Parsons Project is claiming Lady Antebellum ripped off Eye in the Sky with their smash crossover hit, Need You Now

Watch the video below and be amazed-


And to all my fellow WriMos out there, be careful of what you write and publish. The world doesn't need "The Twilight of Harry Potter".

Or do we?


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2 thoughts on “Need U Now Eye in the Sky

  1. I’m going to post this first before I listen to the song. I recall Eye in the Sky fondly and certainly don’t remember it being similar to Need You Now, but the ears will soon tell the story.
    I haven’t visited your site before, but it looks wonderful. I’ll have to bookmark it and return when there is more time to browse.

  2. Hi Maddy,
    Thanks for stopping by. What did you think when you listened to the two versions spliced together? Also, I like your medical site. Lots of great information. It's clear and easy to read, things I really like in a website.

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