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Feelings Don’t Define You

Photo Courtesy @iStockphoto

Whatever you feel today doesn’t mean you are.

If you feel sad, it doesn’t mean you are a sad person.
If you feel mad, you aren’t an angry person.
If you feel frazzled and out of control, you aren’t crazy.
If you feel discouraged, you aren’t a negative person.
If you feel empty, you aren’t alone.
If you feel unloved, you aren’t unloveable.
If you feel loved (or even when you don’t), you are.

Everyday. Feelings and all.

Creator God loves you no matter what. Forever.


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7 thoughts on “Feelings Don’t Define You

  1. This is a perfect post for everyone today! Emotions rule in society… The truth of character and principles defined in action move the emotions to where they should be in the lives of great people; motivators…

    Wow, short and powerful post Audra. And great picture of all of your family!

    • Now it is wisdom day from you Floyd. Thank you for your thoughtful response. There are so many hurting people who believe they are defined by their actions, that is what the culture tells them anyway. It’s okay to have feelings, and people need to know that.

  2. Wow, this is so timely that I must forward it. Just necessary and beautiful. {I removed your site from my reader to email…whoot!}

  3. Great reminder, Audra. Thanks!

  4. I must say – Captivating Title!

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